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1 / What do you do?

I help people like you living with migraines and headaches stay on track, create calm, manage health problems and bring out the best themselves so they can move from simply surviving to being present and thriving and reconnected to the joys of family life, work life, friends and overall energy and wellbeing.

As a working wife and mom of  2 kids I understand the demands and emotional roller coaster that goes with our efforts to shoulder the burdens of keeping up when you also have migraines.  I have had to try to function through the pain, blurry vision, and the cognitive brain fog. It is not easy and there is a solution. I have done it and I can help you do it too. 

P.S. Migraine can be hereditary. My husband and both of my children have them. 

2 / What is coaching?

Coaching is the facilitation of growth and change.

  • Our coaching partnership helps you close the gap between who you are, what's important to you, and what you're doing, so that you can lead a more satisfying and effective life. We support you to understand the Migraine brain and its related challenges, and how it impacts you and your life, so that you can get practical, realistic strategies to shift you and your lifestyle from chaos, fog, pain to calm.

  • We take all of the information that is available "out there" and organize it into simple steps that apply to YOU!

  • We follow up and make sure that you are accomplishing your goals so that you can achieve headache freedom.

3 / What is a migraine coach?

Migraine Coaching is a new concept. It comes out of the fact that seeing a medical provider for a medication update 15 minutes every 3-6 months is not getting many people the relief that they need or the support to implement the changes to improve the migraines and reduce medication load. 

Migraine coaching is an ongoing partnership, that helps clients live more effective and satisfying lives, by deepening their learning, improving their performance, and enhancing their quality of life with important evidence based improvements to lifestyle.

Clients living with Migraine have the same human needs as any coaching client, and also face unique challenges related to Migraine, which can interfere with their quality of life. These challenges might include pain, light and noise sensitivity, and/or nausea/vomiting, brain fog, worsening of other conditions as well as the belief that they are alone.

Migraine Headache Coaches support their clients in developing a comprehensive understanding of both the nature of Migraine and the impact of Migraine on their client's quality of life. In addition, migraine coaches work with clients to create structures, support, skills and strategies to help them move forward with fuller and more satisfying lives by evidence based lifestyle changes and advice on best practices.

4 / How can a Migraine coach help me?

A migraine coach can help you by:

  • Understanding migraine and migraine triggers

  • Sorting and making sense of the copious amounts of information and advice available.

  • Providing high touch support to make sure that you achieve your goals

  • Assist you setting real achievable goals.

  • Provide Simple steps that are more easily applied to create a lifestyle that supports improvement in migraines and other chronic conditions.

  • Build self confidence in the ability to achieve diet, exercise, stress manage, pain relief and more.

  • Help you to feel confident making plans with family, work, friends.

  • Come up with migraine coping strategies that will help you to remain productive.

  • Learn strategies for creating a supportive environment.

5 / Who can benefit from migraine coaching?

Migraine coaching that I offer focuses on the Migraine Connection Protocol. The Migraines Connection Protocol is a combination of evidence based lifestyle changes and patient reported needs (from my 10 years in private practice successfully caring for patients who have migraines). Anyone who has migraines/headaches and would like assistance with:

  • diet, exercise, stress management,

  • advice on better management of headaches,

  • better management of executive function (planning, organization, memory) that can be difficult when you have brain fog and

  • sleep problems.

  • better understanding of themselves.

  • better understanding of migraine/headaches and its affect on self, work, family, other health issues. 

6 / Are you a medical provider?

While I am an Advanced Practiced Registered Nurse I do not prescribe any medications or diagnose any conditions while performing under our coaching agreement. You should always follow any treatments provided by your current medical providers.

However, I do follow strict patient/client privacy practices.

You will have the benefit of the many years of experience and knowledge that I have as a registered nurse and an advanced practice nurse who has worked with headache and migraine patients in private practice for the past 10 years. 

7/ How does it work? 

Just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the home page, or by clicking any of the buttons for an information, get placed on wait list, enter you information and give a little information about what you are looking for. I will email or call you back. 

It is best to schedule about 20 minutes for the phone call so that we can evaluate your needs, and discuss readiness to invest in yourself.

8/ Payment/Insurance?

 Payments are by credit/debit/Venmo/Paypal/FSA/HSA you are responsible for making sure that it is approved by your plan. 

9 / How does coaching take place?

Coaching takes place over the phone, via telehealth video sessions and through email and text support as needed. 

You will receive information, tools, worksheets, and resources that apply to topics and goals for the current week and goals.


While we have the Migraine Connection Protocol with simple steps to apply, the individual goals and steps are specialized to you. 

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