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The Migraine Connection Protocol

Simple Steps to Headache and Migraine Freedom

The Migraine Connection Protocol is a series of research based concepts that seek to heal the mind, body and spirit to stop the symptoms of migraines and headaches. Basically, we will explore the root causes of migraines and alleviate them. If you are currently working with other healthcare providers, that's great! The protocol can enhance the care that you are receiving. 

We will explore "simple steps" that can be incorporated into your daily routine. The nature of the Migraine Connection Protocol can greatly improve your health, reduce stress, improve lifestyle, habits, and decrease barriers to greater energy and vitality. You will get to understand YOU more deeply. What energizes you and what drains you. How to balance these activities best.  The protocol is designed to be enlightening and individualized so that you can determine the pace. This allows for optimal success. 

I will be your guide to help you create and meet goals and ensure success. Together we will determine how to best facilitate the completion of aspects of the protocol so that you achieve headache/migraine freedom, greater energy and vitality. Along the way, you will have a deeper understanding of you and how to best care for yourself to meet the challenges of life with enthusiasm!

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez


1 / Understanding Yourself, Your Needs

A beautiful Journey that we will take together: 
We will explore current health, health conditions, medical history, migraine/headache history, personal environment, family, work and personality factors. We will explore current strengths and barriers. You are likely already doing many things to improve your headaches, migraine and health. We will assist in optimizing those efforts. A current needs assessment and personality assessment if you wish. "Know thy self"

2 / Establish Eating Habits/Healthy Lifestyle

We will discuss current eating and fluid intake. Discuss healthy nutrient intake and common migraine triggers. 
There has been much research done in the area of nutrition and health. Also, the connection between gut health and brain health and function. We will bust myths and provide education. Then, break it down to "simple steps" that can easily be added to your current routine to create lasting decrease in inflammation and pain/migraine triggers. Bonus: Many clients see improvement in other chronic diseases as well as lasting weight loss.

Lifestyle and habits such as meditation, moving meditation, mindfulness, exercise, smoking, environmental exposure, family and work needs, and sleep habits will be discussed. 

3 / Goal Setting-Follow up and Maintenance

Goals are made and continuously monitored and followed up on. We are looking at lifelong health and pain freedom not just quick fixes. We will make sure sure that you are prepared fully to succeed with The Migraine Connection Protocol. You will have access to education and tools to fully support you even after the program is complete. I am also fully available with support, and to answer questions as we go along. 

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